Audit, Maintenance, and Support of Engineering and Industrial Systems

CROC provides end-to-end service maintenance and technical support for building engineering infrastructures and industrial control systems of manufacturing and power facilities.

Our customers enjoy fault tolerance, production continuity and comfortable environment within their buildings and rooms as long as CROCs competent engineers maintain uninterrupted and guaranteed power supply, physical security and fire safety, automation, accounting, dispatch control, telemechanic, communication, and manufacturing execution (MES) systems, as well as climatic and other equipment.

MES maintenance requires profound knowledge of architectures, protocols, and product lines of various manufacturers, from instrumentation and control devices to high-level software suites. Not less important is to ensure reliable operation of network, IT, and engineering infrastructures, with relevant experts being involved to address this challenge.

We have over 30 certified specialists on staff, experienced in MES and SCADA implementation and maintenance projects based on products by global leaders, such as Siemens, ABB, Rockwell, Wonderware, OSIsoft, ICONICs, Schneider Electric, GE, etc.

Our engineering system maintenance may include:

  • 24/7/365 helpdesk and technical support service covering all Russian regions;
  • Scheduled equipment maintenance and consumables supply;
  • Equipment diagnostics;
  • Equipment repairs and spare parts supply during warranty and post-warranty periods;
  • Engineering system upgrade;
  • 24/7/365 helpdesk established at customer's site;
  • Arrangement of a system to remotely monitor and control engineering systems;
  • Health audit of equipment and engineering systems, and provision of recommendations and reports.

Dedicated account service manager helps to:

  • Organize and control performance of CROC's specialists having sufficient knowledge, experience, and qualification to perform the work;
  • Develop and update detailed work and service plan;
  • Reveal the cause behind an engineering system failure or accident and elaborate a corrective and preventive measures plan.

CROC specialists are competent in maintaining equipment from:

ABB, ACTi , Ademco , Appolo, Appro, Aritech, Axis, BOSCH, Cummins, FG Wilson, Daikin, DSSL, Echelon, ECSO, Emerson Network Power, ESMI, General Electric, Gesan, Honeywell, Iconics, Iomega, ISS, ITV, Legrand, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, NordVent, NUUO, Panasonic, Pelco, RITTAL, Schneider Electric, SDMO, SIEMENS, STULZ, Uniflair, Unitronics Beckhoff , WAGO, Bolid, STD, and Plazma-T..

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Alexey Vorobyev

Alexey Vorobyev

Head of Engineering System Maintenance Practice

+7 (495) 974-22-74 ext.4328

Vyacheslav Maximov

Vyacheslav Maximov

Deputy Director of IT department, Director of Industrial Solutions

+7(495)974-22-74 ext. 6556

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