Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan

Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan

Customer: Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan

Year: 2016

Project objective: Reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of road and facility construction.

The project was inspired by a new law that will require the use of BIM-enabled construction design in all government contracts from January 2019. CROC developed the BIM adoption roadmap following the review and analysis of the Ministry’s organizational and technology processes and IT infrastructure. Within just one month, CROC prepared a document describing more than 10 solution modules, including technical requirements to their functionality, integration capacity, information protection, and other parameters, as well as module implementation stages and use recommendations. CROC’s concept was powered by international best practices, interstate standards, and the company’s 15-year experience in automating road construction management.

Upon comprehensive BIM adoption, Tatarstan will become the first region in Russia to fully leverage BIM methodology. The integrated IT environment will enable centralized control over both financial performance and all types of work at any stage of the project lifecycle, so that the Ministry can avoid poor or delayed deliverables, which are always a risk when different engineers work with different versions of the same design.

Key benefits:

  • Some construction work is automatically performed by special-purpose machinery, thus improving work progress monitoring, for example, making sure land excavation and leveling result in a less than 1 cm deviation from design values.
  • BIM is to be adopted mainly through the integration of applications already being used by the Ministry’s departments and contractors for site design, construction management, reconstruction, repairs, and operations. This evolutionary approach will be 2-3 times less expensive than the implementation of new BIM modules and user training.
  • Less time is needed to prepare design documents, create 3D models, gain approval, and transfer a statement of work to subcontractors thanks to the collaboration of all process participants in the unified IT environment and fewer errors made.

Artem Chukin, Deputy Minister of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan "The adoption of new technologies for transport infrastructure construction have resulted in Tatarstan becoming Russia’s leading region in terms of road quality. With the comprehensive adoption of building information modeling, we will dramatically improve both the quality of site construction and the efficiency of communication between the Ministry and subordinate organizations engaged in the design, construction, and operation of roads and facilities."

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