Design of Automated Emission Monitoring System

Design of Automated Emission Monitoring System

Customer: Large exploration company

Year: 2011

City: Moscow

Project objective: Minimize environmental damage caused by exploration and avoid excess emissions penalties.

As part of a project for a major Russian exploration company, CROC developed a requirements specification and designed a prototype of an end-to-end system ensuring regular monitoring and control of emissions and discharges of oil, sewage, drilling mud, and other substances. The solution is designed to check if emission/discharge volume and composition comply with adopted limits and standards, and to acquire environmental parameters for drilling platform surroundings, including control over volume of water intake and release, quality of sewage water and emissions, as well as environmental, meteorological, and oceanographic parameters, with required measurement accuracy and methods being specified. In addition, CROC created a mathematical model to make short-term forecasts of the environmental situation on site.


  • Guaranteed data collection to solve customer’s environmental and analytical tasks
  • Exploration compliance with pollution control laws and regulations (Federal Law 219-FZ, laws ’On Environmental Protection’, ’Atmospheric Air Protection’, etc.)

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