Rotating machine diagnostics system for Mosvodokanal

Rotating machine diagnostics system for Mosvodokanal

Type of Service or Solution: Industrial Solutions

Industry: Manufacturing

Customer: Mosvodokanal

Year: 2016

City: Moscow

Project objective: Prove in practice that rotating machine diagnostic systems can be used for industry-specific water supply and sewage processes and improve the reliability of technical equipment status information.

A pilot project has been completed at one water treatment plant and one sewage plant, while the customer operates dozens of such plants.

As part of the project, pumps were tested for subsequent repair using a smart system that detects disturbances introduced by mechanical failures to the spectrum of consumed electric current, with qualitative diagnostics results almost completely matching defects revealed during overhauls. In addition, CROC’s recommendations on part replacements and types of repair work also matched actually scheduled work.


  • Justified transition to a new maintenance and repair strategy: from schedule-based to condition-based repairs
  • Early detection of wear-and-tear problems allows for savings on repairs and extends equipment service life

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