Metering and billing system for major electricity distribution company

Metering and billing system for major electricity distribution company

Type of Service or Solution: Industrial Solutions

Industry: Energy

Customer: Major distribution company

Project objective: Ensure timely and reliable provision of all retail electricity market players with trustworthy and legitimate information about actual electricity and power flows.

The project was completed as part of the customer’s investment program, which included extensive implementation of automated systems for metering electricity sold to all households and organizations, as well as the reconstruction and upgrading of existing electricity supply facilities and construction of new ones.

During the project, CROC deployed approximately 10,000 metering points, automated electricity measurement and billing processes, and organized electricity billing at balance sheet attribution boundaries between different retail electricity market players, thus reducing losses. In addition, CROC also allowed for key electricity quality parameters to be controlled and ensured prompt elimination of «sources of deviation».


  • Collection of trustworthy data for analysis of technical-and-economic indicators
  • Reduction of electric energy losses in distribution grids
  • Control over fulfillment of agreement terms regarding grid connection and provision of power supply, electricity sales and transmission services with adjacent electricity market operators
  • Optimization of costs related to efficient management of electricity grid operating modes
  • Optimization of electricity grid equipment maintenance costs
  • Optimization of electricity grid equipment repair costs
  • Arrangement of remote data collection from electricity meters in order to more quickly reveal and eliminate energy imbalance causes, perform hour-by-hour planning, and enable real-time commercial settlements

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