System for Data Collection and Equipment Running Time Calculation

System for Data Collection and Equipment Running Time Calculation

Type of Service or Solution: Industrial Solutions

Industry: Oil and gas

Customer: A large oil and gas company

Year: 2015

City: Moscow

Project objective: Develop and implement a system that accounts for technological equipment running time in order to adopt a new service maintenance concept.

CROC created a solution for continuous monitoring of technological equipment running time and connected the solution to the technical maintenance and repair unit. Upon completion of the project, the customer obtained a set of state-of-the-art software tools for managing production processes, including a unified enterprise data repository as well as data collection and exchange interface support tools simplifying integration with other data sources and receivers. Today, the company can control the technical state of its production assets in real time and make more informed decisions on the maintenance of expensive equipment.

The solution architecture allowed CROC to avoid reworking production systems and thus reduce implementation costs.


  • Reduced impact of human error on running time calculation
  • More prompt, precise (sub-second level), and reliable equipment state information
  • Opportunity to move from repairs on schedule to repairs when needed

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