Upgrade of Telemetry Data Archiving System

Upgrade of Telemetry Data Archiving System

Type of Service or Solution: Industrial Solutions

Industry: Energy

Customer: Moscow United Electric Grid Company

Year: 2015

City: Moscow

Project objective: Ensure hot backup of system that archives telemetry data received from hardware and software suite used for electric grid operational-and-technological control.

Telemetry data is fed from telemechanic systems of individual substations to an automated dispatch control system that belongs to Moscow United Electric Grid Company and is deployed in the Grid Management Center. This information helps the customer to see how an emergency situation developed, simulate various modes of grid substation operation, analyze whether operators were acting properly, and check relay protection systems and accident-prevention automatic devices for actuation correctness when investigating emergency situations in an energy supply system.

In just two months, CROC tested about 10 variations of fault-tolerant architecture of an archiving system, updated application software, deployed a fault-tolerant system configuration distributed over two customer’s data centers, and migrated data from the legacy archiving system to the new one.

In addition, CROC helped Moscow United Electric Grid Company upgrade licenses for the number of tags (amount of collected telemetry data). Today, the archive receives 100,000 measurements (instead of previous 50,000) about the state of the equipment installed in 35 — 220 kV substations located in Moscow and the Moscow region.

The archiving system is based on the OSIsoft PI System.


  • Backup of mission-critical information of Moscow United Electric Grid Company
  • Expansion of collected telemetry data
  • Assurance of reliable electric grid operation
  • Increase in substation operational safety

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