Boiler plant reconstruction

Boiler plant reconstruction

Type of Service or Solution: Engineering infrastructure

Customer: Administration of Srednyaya Akhtuba district settlement

City: Srednyaya Akhtuba

Project objective: Replace worn-out boiler plant equipment at the Srednyaya Akhtuba urban settlement in the Volgograd Region.

The project involved two stages. Firstly, CROC's specialists replaced boilers which were in an emergency condition, pump stations, and funnels. In order to address this challenge, during the heating season CROC developed a work performance schedule which minimized operation stoppage of existing equipment and boiler plant pipelines. Thanks to accurate planning, CROC's specialists performed all of the work in a short time-frame without any degradation in the quality of heat agent supplied by the boiler plant. Secondly, CROC dismantled the remaining boilers and installed two new boilers. In addition, gas ducts were connected to the existing steel funnels while the chemical water treatment system was replaced with an automated water softening unit.

Key benefits
  • Reliable and uninterrupted heat supply in region
  • Optimization of gas payments
  • Automatic operation without need for an operator to be always on site
  • Beneficial cooperation scheme for a government entity: CROC acted both as a contractor and co-investor in project

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