CROC has been working in the IT market since 1992 and is a leader in integrated data center, building, and facility infrastructures.

As a leading provider of intelligent building solutions, CROC designs, constructs, installs and starts up all engineering systems to ensure security, comfort and good work conditions within various premises. Implementation of modern engineering technologies makes businesses energy-efficient and more productive, reduces building TCO, and consequently saves some money for further business development.

CROC automates manufacturing processes and production management; implements and integrates energy metering systems (automated electricity metering systems and automated electricity billing systems), as well as process control, manufacturing execution, advanced planning and scheduling systems, integrated telecontrol and dispatch control systems, network control and technological data collection centers. In addition, CROC deploys integrated technological control systems, manufacturing process control systems, and special-purpose geographic information systems for electrical power enterprises. CROC supports vertical integration of these systems, providing specialists and managers at all levels with a full set of data analytics, planning, optimizing, and management tools.

We can design and complete turnkey projects of any complexity, provide full technical maintenance of engineering systems and comprehensive support using our own resources.

CROC's expertise in infrastructure and building information modeling (BIM) allows its customers to see how a building will look like when the construction is completed and create a unified communication environment for all contractors, maintenance organizations, and regulatory bodies. Even at the initial project stage, BIM makes it possible to decide on optimal technology aspects and calculate maintenance costs for the entire project lifecycle on the basis of the comprehensive overview of TCO and projected ROI.

CROC has over 20 years of experience in equipping large office buildings, hotels, airports, stadiums, and trade-and-entertainment centers with engineering systems. Furthermore, the company regularly ranks among the top three Russian IT service providers to the energy and manufacturing sectors. CROC completes 2,000+ projects each year, including some federal-scale and international implementations.

CROC partners with leading engineering solution providers and is well-prepared to implement projects comprising products from any vendors, including Russian-made.

CROC holds all necessary licenses, including from the Russian Federal Agency for Construction, Housing and Municipal Services, the Russian Ministry of Emergencies, and the Russian Ministry of Energy.

CROC provides services throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and is represented in Russia's major economic regions by CROC Volga (Nizhny Novgorod and Samara) and CROC Region that supports the company's projects through its subdivisions registered in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Cherepovets, and Almaty cities.