Engineering infrastructure of buildings

Engineering systems of buildings are the foundation for the provision of security, comfort and good work conditions within various premises, and for reducing operating expenses and power costs. CROC has over 20 years of experience in equipping large office buildings, hotels, airports, stadiums, and trade-and-entertainment centers with engineering systems.

Implementation of modern engineering technologies will make your business more energy-efficient, improve labor productivity, reduce office building TCO, and consequently save some money for further development. As a leading provider of intelligent building solutions, CROC designs, constructs, installs, and puts into operation a variety of engineering systems for office buildings.

Automation in manufacturing

Manufacturing automation systems allow for real-time control over all production processes, thus uniting the most remote enterprises and branches into a single network, saving electricity and other resources, improving equipment efficiency, and extending service life.

With these solutions, manufacturing companies can dramatically improve business performance, decision-making, and technological process transparency and orchestration. Manufacturing automation provides benefits in just a few months, thus significantly accelerating return on investment.

CROC offers its customers an entire range of universal IT services and industry specific solutions customized for the particular challenges faced by manufacturing companies.